Thor Uses Estwing!

This week we were instructed to make an advertisement combining elements in Photoshop. We had a project generator that decided our product and demographics. The product I was given was a hammer to sell to 18-24 year old males with a high school diploma. I chose Estwing as the brand.

Keeping my young male audience in mind, I threw around a couple of ideas like using the Minecraft hammer somehow and another with a young man hanging up a found street sign with a hammer is his first apartment as art. But ultimately I went with the idea of Thor holding an Estwing hammer and having the slogan be “Take on that project like a superhero”.

We had to use Photoshop to join a few elements together. I found this cool picture of Thor swinging his hammer and got rid of the background.AoU_Thor_0001

Then I found an Estwing hammer on their website. I got rid of Thor’s hammer and photoshopped the Estwing hammer into his hand.


I found a cool, simple background of blue but that highlights him in the center. I then added text and this is what I came up with:

Hammer Ad Final.png

I used a font that I had called American Captain that looked like a superhero font but not too kitschy. I thought it looked strong. I used a bit of a drop shadow for a slightly 3D look. The Estwing logo had one as well. Then I  added the tagline “Hammers for Heroes”. I used the What the Font website to find a  font similar to the Estwing logo. I also loved that Estwing has a wing in the logo and Thor classically has wings on his helmet.

Next we needed to adapt our ad to work in different advertising mediums. I was given magazines and blogs.

I chose to do a half-page ad for a magazine that measures 8.5 x 5.5. I didn’t have to change it up too much. Just some cropping off the bottom. Here is that ad:

Hammer Ad Magazine

Then I had to adapt it for a blog which is 300 x 250 px. Here is that ad:

Hammer Ad Blog

Could probably use a little more tweeking, but I think they turned out ok.

I am really enjoying getting to know my way around Photoshop and while I still have a lot to learn it feels great to accomplish something like this. Who knew that Thor used an Estwing? I think it looks pretty good on him.




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