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Tide Will Clean Up

Our final big project for my Visual Communications class was to take an advertisement from the real world, examine all of its properties and recreate an ad that could go along with the same campaign.

I chose an ad campaign that was visually appealing to me and maybe a bit out of the norm for a typical ad for the company. It’s from Tide and message is that Tide will clean your clothes so well it could clean the stripes off of a zebra or the spots off a leopard. This is appealing to a wide audience and everyone, not just moms wash their clothes and want them to be clean and bright.

We were asked to include a breakdown of the ad and our new ad on an InDesign slide. This would allow us to use all of the different programs we used this semester (InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop) into one project. Here is my slide presentation:

Slide Design

Slide Design2

Slide Design3

Slide Design4

Slide Design5

Slide Design6

Slide Design7

Slide Design8

Slide Design
You can download a PDF of the slide here: Slide Design

I chose to use a different tagline but I one I thought would work and is important to people who want their white’s bright! I was trying to think of an animal that was already white and found this cute polar bear that was consistent with the other animal designs. I fixed him up a bit in Photoshop and then brought all of the elements together in Illustrator to create the ad. I’m pretty happy with the result and think it fits consistently with the original ads. Let me know what you think!


Thor Uses Estwing!

This week we were instructed to make an advertisement combining elements in Photoshop. We had a project generator that decided our product and demographics. The product I was given was a hammer to sell to 18-24 year old males with a high school diploma. I chose Estwing as the brand.

Keeping my young male audience in mind, I threw around a couple of ideas like using the Minecraft hammer somehow and another with a young man hanging up a found street sign with a hammer is his first apartment as art. But ultimately I went with the idea of Thor holding an Estwing hammer and having the slogan be “Take on that project like a superhero”.

We had to use Photoshop to join a few elements together. I found this cool picture of Thor swinging his hammer and got rid of the background.AoU_Thor_0001

Then I found an Estwing hammer on their website. I got rid of Thor’s hammer and photoshopped the Estwing hammer into his hand.


I found a cool, simple background of blue but that highlights him in the center. I then added text and this is what I came up with:

Hammer Ad Final.png

I used a font that I had called American Captain that looked like a superhero font but not too kitschy. I thought it looked strong. I used a bit of a drop shadow for a slightly 3D look. The Estwing logo had one as well. Then I  added the tagline “Hammers for Heroes”. I used the What the Font website to find a  font similar to the Estwing logo. I also loved that Estwing has a wing in the logo and Thor classically has wings on his helmet.

Next we needed to adapt our ad to work in different advertising mediums. I was given magazines and blogs.

I chose to do a half-page ad for a magazine that measures 8.5 x 5.5. I didn’t have to change it up too much. Just some cropping off the bottom. Here is that ad:

Hammer Ad Magazine

Then I had to adapt it for a blog which is 300 x 250 px. Here is that ad:

Hammer Ad Blog

Could probably use a little more tweeking, but I think they turned out ok.

I am really enjoying getting to know my way around Photoshop and while I still have a lot to learn it feels great to accomplish something like this. Who knew that Thor used an Estwing? I think it looks pretty good on him.