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Macaroni Grillin’ Fonts

This is a recent email advertisement I received from the Macaroni Grill restaurant and I thought it showed great diversity with the three different font typefaces used.

Font #1: The first font used is a handwritten Script font. It could be categorized as script because it is a script, but I think it could also be categorized as a decorative font because it is so informal.

Font #2: The second font is a nice bold Sans Serif font. There are no serifs and it is a mono-weight font.This is one of my favorite fonts right now and used in all caps. It’s a great contrast to a script font.

Font #3: The last font is an Oldtype font used in the ad copy. It has serifs and thick to thin lines. It’s easy to read and doesn’t compete with the stand out fonts.

Macaroni Grill advertisers did a great job of using a variety of fonts in their ad that have contrast and play well together. They repeated the use of both the script and the sans serif font to provide consistency and used a nice, readable oldstyle font for the ad copy.